WordPress Best CMS for SEO And Here is 10 Reasons Why


WordPress Best CMS for SEO : Here you know about the 10 reasons why WordPress is best for SEO, Search engines is always a best part and sources of online traffic. A high-ranking page or a website can bring large number of visitors to any web presence.

Every owner of a website always concerned with SEO so if you looking for the best SEO-friendly CMS for your website or any of your blog? Then take full control of your content – from its target keywords to its design – with WordPress There are many. But to you as a marketer, there’s one that stands out:   

WordPress is the best CMS for SEO.

Here are 10 reasons why.

1. SEO-Friendly Out of the Box

In SEO game, WordPress gives you many advantages, especially when you go with on-page SEO, this part allows you take care of lots of important elements.

  • Proper HTML markup —Mostly written in PHP, WordPress also creates HTML pages that are very easy to understandable by search engines. Many latest themes (like Genesis) have even started to get more advantage of HTML5 and many more improvements it brings.

  • SEO-friendly permalinks — WordPress has also best advantage of so-called “pretty permalinks.” That means your page links to posts can contain keywords so search engines and visitors or users understand what your page is about. Of course, and you even can control the content of the link means you can modify according to your post content which is the new standard setting in WordPress.

  • Title tags with headings — The most important of on-page SEO is title of a page (which is usually wrapped in h1 tags) Together with other heading tags, it informs search engine about the content information and gives it structure. WordPress allows you to set this entire up without manually writing the necessary HTML tags.

  • Easily content creation — As you know content is king when it comes to SEO phase and also become the tool to stand apart in search engines. Thankfully, for blogging platform, WordPress makes creating high-quality content as easy as using a word processor and also multimedia releated content like videos and images.

  • Image Optimization — Image also essential for SEO purpose, besides adding photos and other visuals to your content, the WordPress editor gives you to further optimize them with ALT tags, descriptions, and more.

Well these are all standard features which gives you best SEO friendly website and make it easy to high-ranking.

Check for the backlinks Here in you website.

2. SEO-optimized Themes for Any Purpose

WordPress consist many components that work for improvement of search engine optimization of your site. Themes are one of them.

WordPress Best CMS for SEO

Thanks to developer, you can use WordPress to build any website beautiful. Whatever purpose is — a business website, portfolio website, online shop — there are many themes for your particular goal, industry, or purpose.

Themes are very helpful in different ways; the high-quality theme makes your site spits out the proper HTML markup.

Many good themes make your website look more professional and appealing; that it influences the visitor will stay long on your site.

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3. Collection of SEO Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins that make more effective and improve SEO capabilities of your site. For an example Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack are two plugins which help you to make best SEO-friendly websites.

WordPress Best CMS for SEO

So, how can Yoast SEO help you?

  • Yoast optimizes the content you write with your focus keyword.
  • Yoast helps you in creating content that’s readable for both humans and search engine spiders.
  • It also provides SEO title and meta description templating.

These plugin works on puzzle area of WordPress that make the platform even more effective. For an example, Yoast SEO Plugin gives you with a detailed breakdown how to improve the on-page SEO for every single piece of content and also includes SEO copywriting tips. It also can take care of your robots.txt, XML sitemaps and a lot more things.

However, there are also SEO plugins to improve your images, where these images integrate your site with external tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics and much more.

4. Ability to Build or Develop Quick-Loading Sites

It’s very important that you build a quick loading website with their standard configuration.  Now you have WordPress to power your site, for this I suggest you pick high quality themes use good hosting, and follow best practices to speed up WordPress

SEMrush On Page SEO Checker

In today’s time, Google take care about the loading time of your website. Especially when it comes to mobile site, it is important of quality that site time taking to appear on screen.

You would also like to open page in seconds not in minutes that means it’s annoying when website take long time to load.

If you currently facing slow site issue then go and take help from Semrush.

5. Mobile Optimization Standard Now

Above we have talked about the themes, By now mobile optimization are very important and its need to be optimized to be accepted into the WordPress directory.

Now mobile are more usable in place of desktop computers everywhere and Google also includes this for mobile friendliness as ranking criteria, no website should be accepted without it. You must be known that Google not rank up the website if website not mobile optimized. However, even if don’t have a mobile friendly theme (yet), you can use plugins to create a mobile version of your site such as Jetpack.

6. Top-notch Security

You site can land to spam list itself if it gets hacked, Unfortunately, it’s not on your hand, hacker can hack you website and use it for their own purposes.

Thankfully WordPress is very secure and even its constantly improving itself more. The WordPress security team does its darndest to stay on top of things and, should vulnerability be detected, will send out a security update immediately (which WordPress will apply automatically).

You can also download more security plugins those plugin work well in this security area and make your website secure.

7. Integrate Your Campaign with Social Media

Everyone want their site to be rank high in search engines, organic traffic but it’s not everything, Google is not only source of visitors, Many alterative  search engines are available including social media platforms with millions users.

WordPress Best CMS for SEO

For gaining more traffic, it’s a good idea to include social media on you site from start. WordPress offers plenty of solutions for this like Jetpack sharing, and more.

Search engines get the social signal when ranking the site, means people share your post on social media like Facebook, twitter, and other social media platform then the higher will appear on Google as well. On WordPress, you can also create customized social media buttons for your blog so it’s easier for readers to share your content.

8. WordPress is Easy to Integrate with Other Tools

You already know about the integration with Google Analytics and Yoast and how easy it is to integrate WordPress.

We have already described in previous article about Best SEO tools apart from this there are software tools you can use seamlessly with WordPress.

Here are some others:

  • ConvertKit is tool for email campaigns, landing pages, and forms.
  • Sucuri (one of the best software for security).
  • G Suite is tool for your documents, spreadsheets, and emails.

Use these above tools for more engagement and improve your SEO rank.

9. User Friendly

WordPress is very easy to understand for beginners and also powerful CMS for developers. WordPress is a very easy platform to get started with anytime if you want to build website without coding. It’s very easy install and run. Most web hosts provide you one-click auto-installers.

WordPress is user friendly pretty much anyone can work on this and build a beautiful website, you don’t need coding knowledge to build a website or any other blog, important is, in few click you can configured SEO without any coding knowledge.

10. Supportive Community

One more good thing about WordPress is supportive commuty, you never be alone, if you face any type of issue or problem, there are many people are there to help you in the support forums, Because of the popularity of WordPress that is a huge group of people to draw resources and knowledge from.

WordPress Best CMS for SEO

Moreover you will find the huge websites and articles about SEO, one can teach you all you need to know about SEO. Further more information is there about plugins.

In case you stuck somewhere in WordPress you can also find developers and other specialists to help you out.

In Short, WordPress is Powerful and an SEO Powerhouse

WordPress is search engine friendly and also play best roll in Google for SEO and also with other search engines, SEO stays an important discipline and topic, WordPress has lots of themes plugins which give you better SEO configuration. For that reason, if you want to rank high in the search results, your best bet is to base your site on a platform that can help you do so.

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