WhatsApp Feature mute groups forever: NO Annoying Groups Now.

WhatsApp Feature mute groups : WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat app where you can share file images video as well as. But everyone knows that somewhere its being annoying for unwanted messages from the groups – especially when if it is a family group where all the family member and aunties uncles are there to judge you in every single minute and sending daily good morning/ good night messages or spiritual things.

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Annoying Groups

This surely more annoying when you are doing some important work on your phone and phone is continuing ringing because of messages in groups but you don’t have option to leave group. In such cases you have the option to mute for few hour or may be days even a year, because don’t have the option to leave the group. However now WhatsApp come up with new feature where you can mute the group forever.

WhatsApp Feature mute groups

WhatsApp beta tipster WABetaInfo

According to most popular WhatsApp beta tipster WABetaInfo. This feature will come with beta on Android. The feature will not visible as soon as you update the WhatsApp, it will take some days to activate and reflect, as per the tipster. So now you can mute the annoying groups which you don’t want to get message from.

Storage UI

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One more another feature is coming with new WhatsApp version where it comes with new storage UI. Basically the feature is, How much the storage your WhatsApp data consuming overall and will show which WhatApp data is consuming or eating the most of your storage and tell the way to clear it. This is good for people who are always complaining about shortage or running out of storage. All know about the reason behind it.

WhatsApp will come with media guidelines feature where it gives you grid of sorts to align stickers or other images to use. For business accounts, the call icon has eliminated from the business accounts.

We exactly don’t know when when these feature come to live on WhatsApp for all the users. We definitely let you know whenever these features comes to live on WhatsApp.

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