Robot Dog walking around in central park: Freaking People out

Robot Dog : If we talk about future then robotics is the first point in the list but now they are here means we are living in future. In Singapore the robots had been assign the task for the visitor to maintaining the distance in Singapore park in May. The high tech robots was assigned because to help prevent the spread of (covid19) crona virus infection.


Robot Dog

In below video we found the four legged remote-robot which was built by Boston Dynamics and it was deployed in central park for two week trial – this Black and Yellow coloured robot dog was named SPOT.

Now this video of robot dog patrolling in public is going viral in internet and people are freaking when they spotted a robot dog roaming around a street in Ontario, Canada.

The video was recorded for few seconds but you can see the robot walking it seems like sidewalk. Many people surprised to see that robot sidewalk so they decided to capture that moment.

The person recorded the video and he shared soon on Twitter by user @bloodtear with many retweeting it and was featured a black and yellow coloured robot dog which was controlled by remote, walking around casually.

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Many people gave their different opinions on Twitter after watching this remote dog.

The name given to robot is SPOT,  you can clearly see the word ‘Boston Dynamics’ on the left side of its upper body.

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Robot Dog

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