Robot Dog Pulled Rickshaw Designs by YouTuber

Robot Dog pulled Rickshaw : Have you seen Robot Dog pulling rickshaw, answer definitely “No”, but here is in video you can watch the Robot Dog pulling rickshaw designed by youtuber. Robot already patrolling and even many places we can see walking on roads just like dog as future is here.

Since Boston Dynamics already started leasing out its animal, robots just look like animals in September last year and also they’re being used for YouTube content and with millions of views.

Robot Dog
Robot Dog

Robot Dog

YouTube creator Adam Savage – former Mythbusters host – has announced with its experiment that he got Spot robot in January, and he would like to spend some years for experiment with it. He also recently uploaded a video on YouTube, showing his one of the modifications of robot.

Adam savage builds calls it ‘steampunk-Victorian funeral’ rickshaw, which pulled by Robot dog. In many videos he shows the presentation or a process of designing that how can be it done for Spot to pull a rickshaw along. He also collaborated with Seth Davis, Boston Dynamics’ head of field application, to build the harness. 

Watch below video, how he worked and the process of designing.

Robot Dog

At the starting of the video Adam Savage admitted and told that he actually wanted to ride Spot, but the robot isn’t well equipped to handle a heavy payload so he needs to work more on this.

After all the process of completion the harness and Adam Savage takes Spot for a test ride  that it works, where Spot was in the well… spot of a rickshaw puller and the robot shows impressive alacrity — although somewhere it does struggle because of some weight with a slight uphill incline, all the while Savage was sitting in the rickshaw.

Boston Dynamics already released its robots to be used in the outside world in September last year,

A video went viral last month a video of the ‘robot dog’ spotted in public  probably because that’s how much people freaked out. The video was shared on Twitter by user @bloodtear and it featured the Boston Dynamics’ black and yellow coloured robot dog walking down and patrolling on street casually and it was deployed in central park for two week trial.

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In the video, robot walking down the street as two women start recording the robot and surprised to see that. It stops almost and same moment one of the woman says “Oh my God,” because of freaking out, the robodog seem to assess what’s going on, before taking a couple of steps back and going about its business on the street. Another woman shouts from behind it, “I love you so much.”

There are several video we have seen before like Robot-pulling rickshaws, robots patrolling or just walking down the street; it means clear that, future is already here. 

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