Paytm MINI App store for developers with 10 crore funding.

Paytm MINI App store : Paytm is always known as digital payment App where you can digitally pay and receive the money easily and more option are there to help you on payment.

Now Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO and founder, announced on Monday, investment of money 10 crore on MINI App store for the developers. The App was launched recently as many startups accused Google of being unfair for charging 30% commission.

Paytm MINI App store

Paytm MINI App store

Paytm thought differently this time as instead of giving apps and any developer tools, Paytm  is hosting the links with progressive Web apps (PWAs) which are very light apps that can run within the web browser means you don’t need to download or installation. As of now, few App has been listed in Mini App store, as per the Paytm they are planning to list 300 Apps in coming days.

“Mini App store will bring 1 million apps before Google brings any charging obligation to Indian developers and also their target is to have 1 million apps by the first quarter of 2021,”

Vijay Shekhar Sharma also said

NO Charges for listing in MINI App Store

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The good news for the developers is that Paytm will not charge the app for listing in MINI App Store and also provide some features or avenue like paytm wallet, Paytm Payments Bank and UPI. However, a two percent charge will be levied if you are going with credit cards. Paytm also developed a dashboard for analytics, Payment review, and many more marketing tools for developers to better engage with users.

Paytm said: Mini App store has been designed to help Indian developers and startups in India to set up low-cost and easy-to-build apps using HTML and JavaScript

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If you want access the MINI App Store then, Go to Paytm App and open it. On the Home page you will find option Show More > MINI App Store from the pop-up menu. This app allow you to direct access to all Apps within the Paytm App. You can use all Apps without any download and installations.

They also said with this initiative India would be able to build a sustainable and thriving local technology ecosystem that resonates with the true spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat. It also creates more opportunity for employment and growth for India.

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