Task Mate : Earn money by completing simple tasks; Google testing Task Mate in India 2020

“Find task nearby” using ‘Task Mate’ “complete the task and get paid or cash out your earning.”

Task Mate: How you feel when you earn good money by doing some task nearby, affcose its feel cool

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Tech giant Google ongoing project called Task Mate is on testing a paid crowdsourcing service in India that will help user to earn money easily, well Thought Company not makes official statement yet on the report but soon it will be live.

The good thing is that you can do the task on smartphones to earn money through the Google Task Mate App which is still in beta.

Google Task Mate in Beta Testing

From the latest report Google Task Mate is currently on first phase means it is  in the Beta testing phase and is “limited to selected testers” through a referral code system for “early access”,

A reddit post by a user also suggested that such Google service is now live in the country: “Google seems to be testing their new Task Mate app in India which pays you in Indian currency for completing tasks regarding Google app ecosystem. (Currently invitation only)”.

Task Mate

How does Google Task Mate work?

It just simple, Task Mate lets you find a task nearby for you, you just need to complete that task to begin earning and the cash out your earning.

It will provide you registering e-wallet account or an app payment parner. When it is configured, user can earn money easily by hitting the “Cash Out” button.

The tasks will be given simple and also categorized as “Sitting” or “Field”.

For an example, it could be some sitting task like include transcribing, or recording spoken anything like sentences from any languages to your local languages.

More about the task, it could be include taking photos from your nearby like restaurant or something else or shopfront which is used in enhancing mapping details.

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Task Mate
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