Google Down, Gmail, YouTube down worldwide, Google confirms

HIGHLIGHTS – Google Down

  • Google services including YouTube and Gmail are down globally.
  • Google Search is working for some people but others cannot use it.
  • Google has not publicly acknowledged the issue yet.

Google Down

Google services sudden went down on Monday evening and impacting many numbers of users. The services that were impacted at the same time include gmail, youtube, google search and drive. This all started around 5 pm IST today.

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Users even unable to login in gmail and not able to search on google anything as well as, Users are getting the 502, 504 Error Right Now. It’s a worst hit globally. Downdetector, the website that tracks web outages, has reported over 40,000 outage cases from around the world.

Many businesses already hit by the coronavirus pandemic already. Many people are working from home, if google cloud service hit, then the business will hit more. Because many small businesses and apps to work from home are run on the google clouds.

Google down

Latest Update: Google Down

Many users are now able to login in gmail which is working now and they can log in, send receiving emails also working now. However, Gmail is also showing a warning when users are logging back in. It says. “Gmail is temporarily unable to access your Contacts. Youtube is also back to track and users can access their accounts.

Google aslo confirmed that , its service are affected and suffering an outage. About Gmail, for example, it says: “We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a majority of users. 

This outrage also affected apps and smart devices to become temporarily inaccessible. Users also facing the issue to connecting Nest speakers to Google servers. It means that Gmail, YouTube, and Drive apps on your Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, and Nest speakers will not work as long as the outage pertains.

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