Add Me To Search: Google’s New Feature Makes You More Visible On Google Search

Add Me To Search : If you’ve ever tried to look for a business, company profile or a famous personality on Google, have you noticed how it displays rich, relevant search on Google on even first page?

Google’s revealed a feature now for the people who want to add their name to Google search called “Add Me To Search”, make it appear prominently as well.

Now how it works, you just need to search on Google “add me to search” while logged in to your Google account. then Google will bring you to a new page that lets you create the card in few minutes. Fill the all mandatory fields are name, occupation, location, and an “about” bio, you also can add information on your education, hometown, links to your website and other social media, your email and phone number also you can add.

Google “Add Me To Search” feature is available in India currently. You just need to fill a people card with your relevant and required info. Anyone will then be able to search you with you name and discover your card on Google Search results in first page.

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How to add yourself to Google search: “Add Me To Google Search”

Step 1. First of all, open the Google Chrome on your android/IOS device.

open the Google Chrome web browser

Step 2. Next step, you just need to search for ‘Add me to search’. on Google.

Step 3. New option will display ‘Add yourself to Google Search’. Simply tap on the ‘Get Started‘ button.

tap on the ‘Get Started’ button

Step 4. On the next page, just fill all the details that you want to show on your Google People Card. Fill the details like occupation, location, education, email, website, phone number or mobile number, etc.

Enter the details

Step 5. You can also link your social account like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Step 6. To save everything and click on the ‘save’ button.

Click on the ‘save’ button

Add or link your social account so that other can search you via social profile as well as. By tapping the ‘+’ icon and select a social media platform to add and enter the username for the platform.

How to view your Google People card

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Now you able to view your Google People card by searching for your name on Google at first page. This information will appears to everyone who search for you on Google.

We hope our article helped you understand about Google People cards. What did you think about them?

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