17 Cool Facts About Programming and Coding

Cool Facts About Programming

Cool Facts About Programming : Programming is an integral part of our IT landscape and we have often observed the shift in the popularity and choice of programming languages.In today’s world everyone is interested to learn programming and even everyone is talking about programming and coding.

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Didn’t know about – interesting facts about programming

What we want to do here is to show you several facts about programming and coding you probably didn’t know about, and that will open your eyes to a whole new reality. In this article, we list down some interesting facts about programming languages that will help the developer community make more informed choices.

interesting facts about programming
Cool Facts About Programming
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  • You know the first programmer in the world was a woman and her name was Ada Lovelace. She worked on an analytical engine back in the 1,800’s.
Cool Facts About Programming
Ada Lovelace
  • You Know about in 1983 first computer virus was created.
  • The word that is used for bug in programming world “bug” was inspired by a real bug and founded by Grace Hopper in 1947.
Credit: Computer History Museum Cool Facts About Programming
  • The first game was created in 1961. Fun facts are that it didn’t earn any money.
Credit: Computer History Museum Cool Facts About Programming
  • Nowadays, there are over 700 different programming languages. All experts recommend for kids to start with a visual editor and a blockly based programming language for them to learn in a smoother and easier way.
  • The first high-level programming language was FORTRAN. invented in 1954 by IBM’s John Backus.
  • “|” key is not useless.
  • That Windows desktop’s “Refresh” button is not some magical tool which keeps your computer healthy.
  • Almost any powered with electricity required coding. Can you imagine?
  • The programming language name C because it succeeds another programming language called B.
  • Oak a name given to Java from of that tree that grew outside the window of James Gosling.
  • JavaScript is not compiled.
  • Did you know how many total programming languages? – it’s 700.
  • It’s not a tool or magic it’s the power to create your Imagination in reality.
  • Programming can learn you a new way of thinking.
  • In programming languages, Perl is called sometimes “Swiss-Army knife”.
  • APIs are treats like stars, once a class is there everybody will think it will always be there.

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