10 Best Text Editors for Programmers

Best Text Editors : This article is about Best Text Editors you can use absolutely free. Text editors are essential part of programming but at the end you need your favorite and trustworthy text editor where you can find more features. As default everyone have Microsoft Notepad but if talk about features it doesn’t come with it. You need text editor with coloring or highlighted programming syntax and which supports multiple programming languages and which make programming easier.

If you are searching same then this article for you, this article is listing down 10 Best Text Editors for programmer.

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Best Text Editors

1. Notepad++ (Windows)

  • Auto-completion
  • Tabbed interface
  • Support for a large array of languages
  • Powerful RegEx
    Notepad++ has auto-completion feature which guesses whatever you are trying to write. It gives you interface where you can edit multiple files without any cluttering and a strong find & replace feature. It also supports multiple programming languages and much more.

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2. TextWrangler (Mac)

If you are Mac user then this Text editor for you. TextWranler is a multipurpose text editor for Mac users. It has multiple features with browser function where you can quickly jump to any function exactly you are looking for anytime. It’s a programmer friendly and Unix/Server Admin text editor.

3. Gedit (Linux)

Gedit is powerful and officially general purpose text editor of GNOME desktop or a default text editor of GNOME desktop environment. It comes with multiple feature, one of the best feature is it supports tabs so that you can edit multiple files anytime.

4. GNU Emacs (Windows, Mac, Linux)

GNU Emacs extendable text editor for programmers where they can use it in windows, Mac and Linux. It’s also a cross platform text editor which comes with file comparison feature and shows the differences between two files.

GNU Emacs is also referred as Emacs and describes as “the extensible, customizable, self-documenting, real-time display editor”.

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5. Crimson Editor (Windows)

Crimson Editor is free and light weight text editor for windows that supports multiple programming languages. If you want to record the task you are doing then this text editor comes with macro feature which gives task recording so that you can reuse the series of work with single click.

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6. SciTE (Windows, Linux)

SciTe is open source and cross platform text editor written by Neil Hodgson. It is very Lightweight and built for speed and useful for code editing. SciTE is text editor designed mainly source editing for windows and linux operating system.

7. Komodo Edit (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Komodo Edit is free and open source editor for windows, Mac and Linux. It is cross platform text editor created by ActiveState. If you are looking for strong or powerful text editor and simple then Komodo Edit for you. It also provides you robust functionality and flexibility for code management for multiple dynamic programming languages. Its feature gives you better code management where you can keep track your every task in easy way.

8. jEdit (Windows, Mac, Linux)

jEdit is a free text editor and available under the GNU General Public and also uses the Swing toolkit for the GUI. jEdit basically written in Java and easily run any operation system with java support. The great thing is that to make it more powerful, youcan download and install plugins for it and extends its feature for code editing.  (You’ll get Plugins Central on jEdit’s website).

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9. Vim (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Vim is kind of clone, with additions, of Bill Joy’s vi text editor program for Unix and written by Bram Moolenaar. It was first introduced publicly in 1991. Vim is strong and powerful editor as its used CLI (Command Line Interface) and as a standalone application in a graphical user interface. Vim is also free and open source editor, this software consider as donating to children in Uganda for charity. It also supports many other platforms.

10. Textpad (Windows)

Textpad usually run for windows and currently comes with eight versions.It was first introduced in 1992 as shareware and even user requested to pay for future development. Its feature like JAVA compiler built in, record macros, clipboard history, Regex search and replace, compare files, split windows and Bookmarks.

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There are many text editor but depends which one you want to use for your programming. As all of above have their own features that also supports multiple languages.

I hope you like this article (Best Text Editors) and let us know your thoughts about text editor with your comments.

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Best Text Editors
Best Text Editors

Also read : Robot Dog walking around in central park: Freaking People out

Also read : 10 Best Text Editors for Programmers

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